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Online Private Training

Private Training will give you the focused attention and feedback to accelerate your growth and elevate your movement practice.

Whether you're seeking targeted conditioning, skill building, or tools for moving more creatively, one-on-one training will help you to achieve your goals. 

All of the offerings listed here are Online. Interested in In-Person Training?

Reach out through the contact tab.

ONLINE 1x1 Pole Training

Initial Intake for 1x1 Pole Training $60/90min

1x1 Pole Training $45/60min

1x1  training will give you the focused attention and feedback to grow your aerial journey.


To start, schedule a 90 minute Initial Intake. During this first meeting we will discuss your goals, run through a  general mobility and strength assessment, and jump into fundamental pole skills.

I specialize in fundamental progressions (inverting and climbing prep), strength and skill technique, and building confidence in improvisation/freestyle. 

I provide training for Pole (Level 1,2) Online. Level 3 skills require in-person training first, before moving online.

ONLINE Grounded Flexibility and Strength Training


Private Grounded Flexibility and Strength Training builds awareness, strength, and endurance from the ground up. 

Utilizing exercises and principles from yoga, pilates, and calisthenics, students will care for and develop their bodies so they're ready for the activities they most enjoy. 

No apparatus instruction.

ONLINE 1x1 Choreography Development

Single Session $120/90 min

4x 90-min Sessions $450    

Tell your story.

You have the idea, but you don't know where to start. My process will provide you with support, encouragement, guidance, and tangible tools to build the unique and meaningful performance or competition piece you've been dreaming of.
I'm able to assist with the development of creative movement across any apparatus or on the ground.

Would you like me to choreograph a piece for you?

Click here to view current package offer.

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