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May 2

There are a gazillion dance spots. One of them is my living room.

This next freestyle was in my living room and is, maybe, one of my favorite things I've ever done. What does that mean, favorite? Most enjoyable to watch? Held in higher regard than other pieces? One that I view favorably- ie. there is something remarkable about it?

When I watch this video, which was part of a freestyle set I did one day, I feel proud. I feel proud of how present I seem. I feel proud of how this presence leads to new discoveries, unique transitions, and moments that I know I could only find if I was really there living in that moment. I feel proud of my body. I feel proud of how it looks. I feel proud of what it's able to do. I feel proud of how I'm living in it. I also feel proud of the movements. I feel proud of all the work I've put into learning how to move this way. I feel proud that I turned on music and I moved to it.

"Is It Just Me?"

by Emily Burns


by Phoebe Bridgers

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