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May 5


2022 | Full Film

noc-turne has been a lifetime in the making.

The video above is a full film of the live show that I produced and directed in December 2021.

The process took 5 months and involved 7 performers. Each performer developed their own solo piece around a shared theme and question. We came together as a group over 2 months and built the order, transitions, and choreography for the opening and closing.

Perhaps in the future I will take more time to detail a process that I laid out so briefly here, but, until then, I would just like to thank: all 7 of the performers for jumping in and bringing their trust and creativity, Tease Studio in Denver for being able to use the beautiful space, UP Pilates for a rehearsal space, Miranda for helping me with cloaks, Susannah for the awesome photos, and Ryan for being the best roadie in the world.

The process starts anew this August. Interested in performing? Follow me on Instagram @Greyce.Skinner or email me directly at for updates and announcements about the 2022 show.

This film is also available on my website and on Vimeo.

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