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What?! Me?! Blogging?

Hello Reader-

Here we are! You and I. On a blog.

I think it's only fair to tell you, as you've made it this far- I have no idea what I'm doing here. I've never blogged before. In fact, I feel it's VERY important to tell you, (since I'm making every effort to be honest) I've never even read a blog. (I mean, a handful of times, but mostly they talked about what you NEED to be putting in your smoothies or the importance of rolling your clothes instead of folding them when you travel with a carry-on. So, helpful, but not REALLY helpful, you know?)

Where do you even start? A first post holds a whole universe of pressure inside of it. "You're setting up every expectation they're going to have for you! Your written online persona begins here! What are you creating? How will you communicate your inner world?" I think to myself, "Get it right!"

So, perhaps that's where I'll begin- I'll begin by stating clearly, and for the record, that I won't "get this right."

"Well, not with that attitude!" (You may think to yourself)

Well bucko- I'm not here to get this "right." I don't even know what "right" is- except that a focus on "getting it right" usually ends with me sequestering myself in my apartment, consuming large amounts of bone broth, and binge listening to all seven Harry Potter books, in order. It also, generally, involves unrelenting introspection, bags of Justin's Dark Peanut Butter cups, and imaginary interviews with Oprah about my flourishing creative career - which, in combination, is a recipe for an existential crisis.

My objective, therefore- is simply to share, with a little more candor and consistency, what I do, how I do it, and why. Most of what I'll share with you has been tilled, planted, and grown in the soil of not "getting things right"....or...failure. Failure with a capital "F."

So, there we are! This is a blog about Failure (pronounced "learning.") It's like if Thomas Edison kept a running online commentary on all the circuits, instruments, and workshops he destroyed trying to invent the lightbulb. (Anyone living in my building can feel a sense of relief knowing that I'm not an inventor and I don't work with anything flammable- unless you count my scorching dance moves/scented winter candles.)

Whether you've been in my classes and workshops, seen my videos, or didn't even know I existed until Google lead to you astray in your search for "grey desk chairs"- I'm glad you're here. I hope that this provides some insights, some inspiration, and some sense that, perhaps, you're not alone in the Failing (pronounced "Learning".)

Ok, here we go!

Much gratitude,


I include this picture to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from this blog....

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